Uses of Thermal Imaging: Case Study

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  • Published : February 16, 2011
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The case involved a Mr. Smith whos house was suspicious of growing marijuana. The police used thermal technology to scan Mr. smiths house where they found high amounts of heat. The police then got a search warrant and found marijuana growing in his house. Smith was then arrested and entered a conditional guilty plea. Now the high court had to make a decision that would challenge even the greatest lawyer and justice to ever step into the Supreme Court. The case started off with the lawyer for Smith making his case for Smith. The lawyer stated that that the thermal imaging on Smith's house was indeed a search and that this search was unecessary. His house and privacy were protected by the 4th amendment of the United States. The technology was not used properly and unconstitutionally viewed contents on the inside of Smith's home without a warrant. The thermal imaging devices should have not been able to view just his complex and if he was singled out then everyone should be subject to the same thermal imaging of their homes. In his final statements Smith's lawyer said that thermal imaging is infact a search and that the thermal imaging had no probably cause and he should go free for this violation of his 4th amendment. The next speaker was the lawyer representing the United States. The lawyer for the United States said that the thermal imaging device brought about a probable cause in the triplex and that he was previously suspected for having marijuana so they had to do it for public safety. He also pointed out that a warrant was issued for the search of his house. The United States lawyer ended his statement stating that Smith is a criminal and thermal imaging was used in the case of probable cause. The next speaker was the Solicitor General of the United States. The general was in favor of Smith. He stated that thermal imaging is a search. The thermal imager had no probable cause and that using this high tech device that no normal person can afford should be used...
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