Uses of Statistical Information Paper

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  • Published : January 20, 2011
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Uses of statistical information paper

HCS 438

Jennifer Scott

December 6, 2010

Pam Bennett

Uses of statistical information paper

When working with uses of statistical information there is as few topics individuals and organizations need to know and these are how are statistics used in the workplace, what is one example of descriptive statistics used in the workplace and what is one example of inferential statistics used in the workplace. Plus how is data at each of the four levels of measurement used in the workplace? If the workplace does not use all four levels, describe how such data could be used. What are the advantages of accurate interpretation of statistical information to improve decisions making in the organization.

Pediatric nursing is the nurses that take care of new born babies that are in intensive care that have breathing problems and resipotory problems. They help the babies get better and treat their breathing problems. Statistics are used in pediatric nursing are the relationships in health-promoting self-care behaviors, self-care self-efficacy, and self-care agency in the population and all of this is used in the development of the conceptual. These concepts were measured by three instruments these are theories/models which include health-promoting lifestyle, the self-rated abilities for health practices scale, and the exercise of self-care agency scale. All of this includes age, gender, developmental state, health state, and pattern of living, health care system factors, family system factors, sociocultural factors, availability of resources, and external environmental factors (Donna Callaghan, 2005). There is a questionnaire that is used that studies and includes age, gender, grade, family structure, number of siblings, support system, education of parents, employment of self and parents, race, practice of religion, adequacy of income, adequacy of health insurance, adequacy of living conditions, and medical...
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