Uses of Genetic Recombination

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Genetic Recombination
Genetic recombination is the method in which a molecule of nucleic acid, usually a strand of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) but can possibly be RNA (ribonucleic acid) is broken and then combined with another different strand of nucleic acid. Overview

Genetic recombination has occurred naturally since the very first bacteria and by our ancient ancestors although they didn’t know at the time. It’s only in the last few decades that we have begun to understand and develop our skill to use it to our advantages. Originally thousands of years ago our ancestors abandoned the hunter-gather lifestyle and started to pursue agriculture. By doing so they took the flora and fauna that showed the most desirable characteristics and cultivated them while at the same time killing those with less desirable characteristics. This method gave rise to various species such as the common dog. Such products like yogurt and wines were then produced although the reasons why they were produced remained unknown. This is a very basic example of Genetic Recombination/ Genetic Engineering. As our understanding of DNA and Genetics advanced especially in the 20th century this has led to advances into new fields of research and benefits. With better understanding it has allowed us to combat diverse and assorted problems that we face. Benefits

The benefits of genetic recombination are massive in relevance to medical Biotechnology and the Medical sector as a whole. It has allowed cures to be created for what was in previous centuries a death sentence. a) Genetic testing - Genetic testing allows doctor to determine if an unborn baby is at risk of a genetic abnormality or defect. This allows precautions to be taken to ensure the babies survival and possibly to form a treatment to minimise the impact of the defect. It can also be used to identify the causes of conditions in adults that are suffering from a genetic disorder.

b) Gene Therapy – Gene Therapy has...
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