Uses and Abuses of Media

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Abstract 2
1.0 Introduction 3
2.0 Body of report 3

2.1 Blessing in disguise in enforcing censorship 3 2.1.1 Censorship keeps social problems at bay 3 2.1.2 Censorship ensures the existence of a peaceful country 4 2.2 Setbacks in enforcing a censorship 5 2.2.1 Censorship as a sign of dictatorship 5 2.2.2 Ignorance of the society 5

3.0 Conclusion 6

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Media is divided into television, radio, internet, newspaper and many more. Most of the purpose is to send the accurate and witty information to the society. Some say that too much information is revealed by the media which may divulge the government and cause danger or scheme to the entire country, therefore a few selected articles or news must be screened or censored before it is published. But in the other hand, people want to get true information and don’t want the fact to be censored. Therefore this report was conducted to study and examine the argument based on the evidence given.

1.0 Introduction

It is the ultimate truth that our lives are now dominated by media be it television, newspapers, magazines or radios. It is inevitable to turn a deaf ear when any important issue is being discussed in any one of these media. Such is the influence and power of media in our world at the present time. Therefore, when the matter of censorship being imposed on media was brought up, it sparked a great deal of debate among many parties and it still continues till date. Many think that it is wise to impose such censorship while others greatly oppose it. Why these 2 different opinions? Is censorship necessary? These are the aims of this report.

2.0. Body of report
2.1. Blessing in disguise in enforcing censorship.
In this new era where the world very much looks like an electronic village, the media undeniably plays a very important role in shaping and molding the mentality and stature of the society especially the younger generation. It is because of this reason, many argue that censorship is necessary on the basis that it keeps social problems at bay and ensures the existence of a peaceful country.

2.1.1. Censorship keeps social problems at bay.
Those who support this argument claim that censorship is vital simply because children and teenagers have very high tendency to idolise and portray certain characters which might not be suitable and/or act out part of an inappropriate scene due to their mimicry nature and unstable sense of judgement. Filmmakers know very well that films containing containing high number of action and intimate scenes are more preferred by the crowd compared to slow, heart-warming movies. In order to say that violence is only a small genre in the film industry would be an understatement. These supporters who mainly consist of parents have agreed that stunning visual graphics used in film to make a particular scene as violent as possible indirectly cultivates the wrong message in these children and teenagers who are at their most vulnerable state. A sense of...
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