User-Friendly Excel Spreadsheet Creation

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In order for end users to carry out calculations and produce reports in a ‘user friendly’ method, an excel spreadsheet has been created. This report explains how this spreadsheet is created, how the spreadsheet works and also the benefits of this spreadsheet.

1 Business Issues
As instructed by AID an information system is needed to assist staff to carry out calculations and produce reports. However, there were some issues to be considered during planning. Issues to be considered include cost to build the school, advertising cost, government support and loans.



Cost is a factor as different schools built in different countries incur different cost; this also includes the cost for the teachers and also the shipping cost for the materials needed to build the school. The respective cost were provided in Table 1 below, these include the cost of the floor area, cost to hire a teacher and shipping cost in order to calculate the total cost for building the respective school.

On top of the building cost, advertisements are necessary as there is a need to attract donors from the different countries to fund the cost of building the school. As shown in Table 2 below, one would need to know the various cost of designing a brochure, creating a website, advertisement in the papers for a week and also the television advertisement cost per week. Having all these information, using Excel and VBA program, a ‘user-friendly’ system is developed to calculate the cost of building different types of school, the advertising cost and other critical costing for the entire campaign period.

AID Spreadsheet Report

Table 1: Cost component based on building type
Staffroom Area Calculation Building Type Small Primary Small Secondary Large Primary Large Secondary Senior School Campus Years One to Ten 9000 11500 1400 1800 365 370 ($/sq) 2500 3500 4500 5200 7500 Calculation ($/teacher) 800 1050 1000 1250 1200 Shipping Calculation ($/km) 270 305 320 330...
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