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Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140characters, known as "tweets". It can be easily downloaded as an app on your gadgets like iPod, iPad, Smarthpones or Android phones. You can also log on to the site using your laptop or PC. It is a widely used social networking site with over 500 million subscribers worlwide. With this, the researcher aims to look into the study habits of students who are subscribed to the said SNS. Technological advents have almost revolutionized the ways and patterns of personal and professional lives today. Among all these changes, evolution of internet has encompassed almost all areas of human life. A network that was basically developed for U.S military purpose has become a pool of knowledge and entertainment. Besides internet has also been serving as a strong communication medium. Development of social networking sites (SNS) has boosted the tremendous growth in internet usage. Two-third of total internet users worldwide are those who visit blogging or social networking sites and consume 10% of internet time ( 65% of internet usage comprise of SNS usage ( Any network used to connect individuals or institutions through a specific type of relationship forms “social network”. Millions of online communities are connecting together via SNS and are providing the means to share information and diverse cultural values ( was instituted as being the 1st official SNS in 1995. The basic aim to create this website was to facilitate the students to avail connectivity services in or at the achievement of their degree ( Following that, in 1997 was formed. Which opened the way of the series of appearance of Cyworld(2001), Friendster (2002), Skyblog (2002), Orkut (2004), Myspace (2005), Yahoo 360 (2005), Twitter (2006) and Facebook...
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