Usefulness of Computers in Analysis and Understanding of Geography.

Topics: Geographic information system, Geography, Earth Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Computes are useful in the analysis and understanding of the earth and its processes discuss. A computer is an important machine that is used to manipulate data according t a set of instructions .It has the ability to store and execute, in this case the machine is very crucial in the analysis and understanding of the earth its processes to a greater extent although to some extent they have some shortfalls. There are different types of computers namely digital computers, analogue computers and hybrid computers amount others. Most of the analysis of the earth and its processes is done through remote sensing and Geographic information systems (GIS) as going to be clearly explained in this essay.

One of the most important uses of computers as far as the earth is concerned is data analysis. It is difficult to relate wetlands maps to rainfall amounts recorded at different points such as airports, television stations and high schools .A GIS however can be used to quickly generate a map with isopleths or contour lines that indicate different amounts of rainfall. This GIS derived map can then provide additional information since it can be used to depict two and three dimensional characteristics of the earth surface, subsurface and the atmosphere from information points, hence computers are important in analysis of information about the earth.

Additionally GIS hydrological models can provide spatial elements that other hydrological catchment area .Terrain analysis is fundamental to hydrology, since water always flow down a slope .As a basic terrain analysis of a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) involves calculation of slope and aspect DEM are very useful for hydrological analysis.(Heywood et al 2011) One of the uses of hydrological modelling is the environmental contamination research supporting the fact that computers are crucial in studying the processes of the earth.

Catograph is also among the positive results of the use of computers in studying the earth....
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