Use Your Own Knowledge to Assess How Far the Sources Support the Interpretation That Most Germans Actively Supported Anti-Jewish Measures in 1933-1939.

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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Use your own knowledge to assess how far the sources support the interpretation that most Germans ACTIVELY supported anti-Jewish measures in 1933-1939. [70]

Through 1933 to 1939, all these sources suggest that there was and was not active support during this time period against the Jews.

Firstly, there are 3 main sources which all show that yes, there was active support; these sources are A, B and D. But without ruling them all out, I believe that source C does show some active support.

If you look at source A, you can see it was a secret report by a Socialist Party agent. They were writing a report of what they could see about how the Jews were being treated and if any action was being taken. The Socialist writing this report has no reason to lie because it is a report on something and he is working in secret so the Nazis wouldn’t read it but still could always be seen as biased because the report was written by a Socialist. This source is also seen as not being typical because the person who wrote this was in a Socialist party (SOPADE) and they all went into exile so this is a rare source. In the source it does says that even though the German people agreed with Hitler, they didn’t exactly go out and ‘actively’ support what he said, to back this up there is a quote which says ‘Fundamentally people agree to a large extent with Hitler’ I believe this is showing that they do see what Hitler is saying and the agree with him to a certain extent, but they won’t go out and ‘actively’ support what he says so referring to the question this does not fully support it as there was not a lot of active support against the Jews.

If we look at source B, this is able to link together with source A because they both show that the German people were allowing the influence of the Nazis and Hitler to be able to convince them that the Jews are the problem and something should be done about that. Source B is by Josef Goebbels, who was a big Nazi and chief of propaganda....
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