Use to Live Here Once.

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RUNNING HEAD: Use to live here once

Introduction to English Literature, English 125

RUNNING HEAD: Use to live here once

The theme of the story is about someone who has passed on but her spirit is still here. I Don’t think that she realizes she is dead as she looks at different things from her home and what surrounds it. She still sees the rocks and names off the different kinds and she mentions the one rock that is not safe and it is slippery. As she starts looking at the different changes though I think she begins to realizes something is different; I am not sure at this point yet though whether she knows that she is dead or not. As she looks at the sky she sees that it is blue but glassy. She also noticed the road and how it was wider and here though she mentioned it still has the same unfinished look, it’s like here she thinks that she is alive in my opinion. As she moves closer to the house she sees the house has been painted a white color and she also sees something else unusual; there is a car in the drive, which to her its unusual also. By this time I still don’t think she realizes she is dead but she might start getting weird vibes on the different changes. As she walks on the stone steps toward the house she begins to get anxious because she notices the pine tree is gone and so was the summer house but the clove tree was still standing.

All of a sudden she sees two children in the distance, a boy...
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