Use of Word, Utopia

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Utopia might not be the name of a specific place or location, but I wouldn’t mind going there. Utopia has a Neo-Latin origin and it’s definition is “an imaginary and indefinitely remote place considered to be perfect or ideal.” The context it is usually used in is to describe the way a place feels, or makes a person feel. If utopias all come from people’s imaginations, then there are as many different utopias as there are different people. The way Ayn Rand uses the word utopia in the book Anthem is different from the way most people in our world imagine the perfect or ideal place.

An imaginary place is usually different for everyone. It depends on what you think a perfect place would be. When I think about the perfect place, it has day after day of warm weather, a nice beach, and no one there but me! It’s just my own little island. I don’t know that this place exists, but that’s why it’s MY utopia. Other people might want cold days spent on a huge ski hill in Colorado with lots of people. You can go to your own utopia and don’t even have to share it with anyone else because it’s all in your mind.

After reading Anthem and looking up the definition, I understand what utopia means. It’s tough for there to be one specific definition that would describe ALL the utopias, but the ideal place in this story is way different than how most of us think of perfect. I never really thought about what I would think a perfect or ideal place might look like if I lived in a world like in Anthem. It might just be somewhere that isn’t the same everywhere you look, or somewhere that you can hear people called by another name. It might seem like our government has a lot f control, but then you compare it to _________ and it doesn’t seem so bad.

A perfect place, somewhere ideal, whatever you see in your head is your own utopia. This word can also be used as a way of describing the way a place feels or makes a person feel.
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