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Topics: Peer review, Psychology, Scientific method Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: April 10, 2013
1.) My research question is “Is ADHD being misdiagnosed or even over diagnosed.” 2.) When looking at databases I used Web of Science. It’s a multidisciplinary database, because it includes science and social science with humanity citation indexes and only includes articles from high impact research articles. 3.) For search terms I used ADHD misdiagnosis, ADHD over diagnosis, Parent and Child, Child Psychology, and ADHD. 4.) For ADHD misdiagnosis there where 7 results found which I think is a good number because it narrows my search. It narrows it to the topic I’m focusing on and gives me valuable results for my paper. For ADHD over diagnosis there where 2 results found which I think is a good number because it narrows my research also. Gives me real scholarly articles that are relevant to almost on point on what my research question is asking. When searching ADHD it gave me 17 results which I think may be a little much only because it never narrowed my search. The articles where talking about different things about the disorder not necessarily if it’s been misdiagnosed or over diagnosed. When looking up child psychology I received 30 results which was way to much. It broadened my research and never gave me specifically what I was looking for. 5.) Yes peer-reviewed/ scholarly articles are available in my database because it only includes articles from high impact research journals. Meaning there peer reviewed and scholarly. 6.) My results are relevant to my search because they all include ADHD misdiagnois and ADHD over diagnosis in the key terms highlighted in the titles of the articles. 7.) To revise my search I used the word “or” which narrowed my research and gave me better articles. 8.) Erdman,Phyllis.”Conceptualizing ADHD as a Contextual Response to Parental Attachment.” American Journal of Family Therapy. 26.2(1998):26-30. Web of Science . Web . 20 Mar. 2013.

Second Database
1.) For my second research database I used Academic...
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