Use of Voice Communication Technology to Improve Patient Care Delivery System Implementation Paper

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Use of Voice Communication Technology to improve patient care delivery System implementation paper


Voice communication technology in healthcare settings. 1 

Abstract Communication or lack thereof in a healthcare setting has been identified as the major cause of safety issues such as delay of patient care, medication errors and patient provider dissatisfaction. Breakdowns in communication between care providers often results in medical errors many of which are avoidable if proper and timely communication channels were in place. As well we know that the common goal between healthcare providers is to heal the patient, therefore it is imperative that joint collaboration exist. The introduction of mobile voice communications between healthcare providers is probably the solution to this healthcare gap. Effective communication between healthcare providers is very important for positive patient outcomes. In the main body section, I will cover the need and the state of current situation in hospital facilities and a some more overviews of what the interventions to the current problem will be.


Voice communication technology in healthcare settings. 2 

Mobile voice communication technology in healthcare settings Healthcare settings are environments where frequent communication between healthcare professionals and the interdisciplinary parties happens. Recent studies have shown that electronic communication technology is having a huge role to play in the efficient operations of healthcare organizations (Forrester et al., 2011). Identifying the power of technology has really changed the healthcare landscape in ways of day to day operations. Of most recent, most hospitals are struggling and running against the clock to have the prestigious badge of magnet recognition. To achieve this level, there has to better ways in which healthcare providers communicate in order to reduce the negative events which lead to poor patient outcomes. In the study conducted in 2011 St. Agnes hospital in the city of Baltimore, Forrester et al, (2011) established that the most important positive outcomes from implementation of voice communication technology in practice is the technology’s contribution to the saving communication time and increasing the safety healthcare professionals provide to their clients. Further, they pointed out that this technology may reduce noise levels in acute care settings and that the overall time completing patient requests, the speed and quality of communication between patients and providers and thus increased satisfaction for both the healthcare consumers and providers. Healthcare organizations and providers have been facing tremendous pressure from bodies like the accreditation commissions (JAHCO) and state regulatory bodies to improve patient care and hence eliminate common errors which otherwise could have been avoided. Unfortunately, the healthcare environment is evolving at a very fast speed that the healthcare providers are unable to parallel this developments. There is no single solution which can address this issues but rather taking some simple measures at least to start the process (Authier, 2010). In


Voice communication technology in healthcare settings. 3 

this paper I will explore one of the avenues my healthcare organization may take to solve some of these challenges by improving healthcare provider communications. Assessment Most of the hospital staff constitutes of nurses amongst the total employees of these healthcare organizations. They serve as the primary care providers and are the common liaison between clients and everything which revolves around patients during the course of hospital stay. Coordinating patient care is a very crucial role for the nursing staff. Therefore in order for these staff to be more effective, it is important that they have access to communication...
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