Use of Violent Images

Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: February 13, 2008
Violent images
There are so much going on in the world everyday, we receive the information by newspaper, internet and other Medias. Images containing violence are shown throughout the newspaper.(e.g. war images, strike images etc) Though I strongly disagree that violent or offensive images should be shown in public Medias, as this can result to influence on children, offend the subject, or causing the information to be misinterpreted.

Nowadays, children have easy access with the news, either on TV, newspaper or the internet. Because of easier access to news, they will have contact with all sorts of images that may not be suitable for their age. These images can have great impacts on the children because their minds aren¡¦t mature enough to view the picture in a right way. Instead, they might look at it as a model and imitate the image. For example, if there¡¦s an image of a person pointing a gun at an enemy, the children might think it¡¦s heroic to do so, when he/she has a gun they will do the same. This could lead to increase of teenage crime rate. They are exposed to too much violent it may start to seem right to them. You might say that they are exposed to many other types of violence already. Yes, that is true, because of the life we live right now, most teenagers have experienced or have contact with violence already. However, it is always good if we could minimize the number to its lowest, we can censor the images shown on news and other Medias. Though, the problem does not only affect teenagers, young children too. Horrific or repulsive images may cause psychological problems for them also some people with weak health state (e.g., heart disease) might not be able to bear violent, dreadful images. We know that there are a lot of viewers who thinks they should be able to see the real sides of things, but they might as well consider people who can¡¦t and tolerate them for the benefit of everyone.

The violent images shown in Medias are real, they...
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