Use of Turnitin at Usp

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Use of TurnItIn at USP
A plugin, is a combination of software components that adds specific abilities to a larger software application. Plugins enable customizing the way an application works. It is commonly used while browsing the web, to view videos, virus scanning, and display of new file types. Some examples of common plugins are Adobe Flash Player, Quick Time, and so on (Wikipedia, 2012).Applications support plugins for some of the reasons given below: •Enabling application users to create abilities to extend how an application works. •To support new features.

Reducing the size of an application.
Reduce errors and illegal commands on applications.

Some examples of applications and their plugins are:
Graphics Software uses plugins to support different file formats and process images. •Media player uses plugins to support file formats and apply filters. •USP uses plugins to minimize or avoid plagiarism (TurnItIn )

Given below is a plugin framework:

As shown in the diagram, the Host Application provide services for the plugin to use. What they do depends on the type of Application or Programmes, as they do not work on its own. However, the Host Application works independently of the plugin. This enables uses to make changes to the plugins without making changes to the Host Application.


TurnItIn is a plugin integrated into the University of the South Pacific Moodle System with the following functions: •Checking for the originality of a students’ work. To ensure that the student did the research and compiled the information by himself / herself. •Involves students to review each others work.

Makes it easier for the instructor to grade a student’s assignment and send the information back to the student. (USP, 2012)

TurnItIn is a very important component in ensuring the quality of a particular assignment or written work. Two ways in which it would benefit a student...
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