Use of Text in Interaction Design

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  • Published : May 10, 2013
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Part1 – Introduction.
The approach I used in unit 5 was a generic design which is flexible in nature with a basic layout planned so it can be easily molded, or modified to fulfill a variety of needs or applications. The wireframe associated with the design is shown without a supporting structure. The associated structure will be dictated by its application and placement. Part 2: Commentary Text.

Commentary text should be selectable using different means. The most obvious means of selection is by the use of a designated help button. When touched this will display a help screen to provide a means for the customer to seek assistance. Additionally, this should also be accomplished by clicking the mouse curser on an item or text that information is desired on. All of these means should result in the same basic effect. The commentary text used in the presenting the product to potential customers has the potential of using a variety of text styles and sizes. Also in some cases color will be added to the text for emphasis or used to highlight items or attract the consumers’ interest. When initially presenting an item the text that is to be used will be designed in a manner to catch potential customers’ attention. This can be accomplished through the use of text styles that catch the eye, such as a change in size or creating an emphasis through the use of colors. Using a text style that draws attention may be desirable, but a certain amount of care in its selection is needed. Unless the design is highly energetic in order to accomplish or present a particular appearance, the text used should not be drastic in its style. While this can be effective in certain instances, it is not desirable for the bulk of presentations. Generally one of the more familiar fonts such as Times New Roman, Courier or other fonts that we are comfortable with will present the details...
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