Use of Statistical Information

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Uses of Statistical Information Paper
Tamara C. Cummings
March 4, 2013
Dr. Randall Medeiros

Uses of Statistical Information Paper

Our inpatient physical rehabilitation facility uses statistical information to provide and track quality of patient care within our unit. The statistical information helps to compare our facility and services offered to that of other inpatient rehabilitation facilities in neighboring communities. Ratings and scores provided in surveys or questionnaires completed by patients and staff provide valuable information to identify what is working and what is not working to promote positive outcomes. Visual statistic aids help educate employees how to assist in improving satisfaction and outcomes by seeing the different areas assessed and how care is rated. Statistics at our facility are used to monitor improvement or decline during the course of therapy on our unit. The information gathered is compared against prior level of functioning, current level of functioning, and final level of functioning to determine what is called Burden of Care upon discharge. This burden of care us used to help prepare caregivers what to expect when he takes the patient home. It also helps the caregiver and medical staff to determine the best course of discharge action, meaning whether the patient is safe to go home or if there is a need of skilled level of care upon discharge. The Functional Instrument of Measurement scored by each part of the interdisciplinary team is monitored from start to end of the therapy stay and is submitted to a state data-base with scores from the first three days of stay and the last three days of stay. This information is used at a much higher level such as Medicare to determine the level of pay that will be allocated to our facility for each patient’s stay depending on their level of progress and if the patient was functional enough at discharge to return home or if the patient discharges to a...
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