Use of Stasistics in Workplace

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The use of statistics in workplace

Arrowhead Regional medical center Colton is a 456 beds facility that is serving San Bernardino, Riverside and the mountain area, statistics is an essential component in the delivery of quality care. It is used in collecting an appropriate quantitative data, also use to assess the efficiency of treatment and interventions. As a center that participates in the Medicare program, statistical data is used to maintain and improve quality of patient care which is part of the hospital’s mission statement. Due to the statistics data being used, the stroke center earned certification by the Healthcare facilities Association (HFAP) as a level 1 stroke center, by demonstrating the highest national standard to provide the best care available for patient suffering from stroke. Statistics data showed that they met more than 40 HFAP standards of covering, diagnosis, treating, rehabilitating patient and providing community education and follow-ups. Statistics data are used to keep tracks of events like falls, preventing reoccurrences, employee satisfaction of their jobs, staffing, patient satisfaction, and length of stay. An example of a numerical data that is used at Arrowhead regional medical center is the press Ganey. The press Ganey will mail letters randomly to selected discharged patients and ask them questions about quality of care that they received during their hospital stay, their complaints or things that they think should have been down differently . They also look at patients visit by location; gender and...
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