Use of School Mascots

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  • Published : April 20, 2011
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People within the school systems throughout the country argue whether or not high schools should be able to use the trademarked logos of universities and colleges, as their own, without the permission of the individual institution. Recently there has been an abundance of issues concerning higher level institutions being opposed to secondary schools using their logos or an extremely similar design. Representatives of both sides argue their points. Supported by laws and treaties, secondary schools and institutions should not be allowed to use logos that are trademarked by universities and colleges.  Higher education institutions such as universities and colleges work hard to establish positive ethos and credibility. These institutions have no affiliation with the lower secondary institutions. Therefore, their logos should not be identical. If secondary schools use the logos of the higher learning institutions, the athletic community will associate the secondary schools with the logo being used. “Universities have confronted high schools with which they have no discernible connection. Penn State, for instance, told Buna High School — 1,400 miles away in Texas — to change a Cougar logo that looked like its Nittany Lion” (Himmelsbach.) Although the secondary schools feel using the universities and colleges logos should be admirable, the higher institutions feel otherwise. “Egley, a Florida alumnus, said it was a form of flattery. But this year, Florida said it was a trademark violation, and the university demanded that the 390-student private school cease use of the designs” (Himmelsbach.)

As a result of secondary schools across the nation using universities’ and colleges’ logos as their own, numerous higher learning institutions have been going to the media about their cases. These higher learning institutes feel that secondary schools (high schools) can give off certain connotations that the universities do not want. Higher education systems feel strongly...
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