Use of Persuasive Techniques

Topics: Great Barrier Reef, Persuasion, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: May 27, 2012
In the letter by Janet Rice the issue is the protection of Great Barrier Reef from dredging in Gladstone Harbour and to see this as a potential disaster. The author’s tone is alarmist and she uses variety of persuasive techniques to prove her point forcefully.

The writer uses repetitive language to get attention “so 19th century, so destructive, so short sighted, so unnecessary, and so etc”. This is an overstatement to arouse emotions in the reader. She uses the science of climate change to further support her argument.

Ms Rice uses anecdote technique by talking about the age of her sons and their life expectancy to show the urgency of the problem. This is a real life example to engage the reader. The reader would be persuaded to think about his future generations and the impact dredging will have on their health and wellbeing

The writer uses inclusive language which encourages the reader to agree with the point of view being presented. “we, you, I,, peoples and governments of the world” are example of inclusive language this persuades people to think rationally when it comes to their future generations. This leaves a positive impact on their mind that the writer is also concerned about the affects on everyone including her self.

The billboard appeared on the Bruce Highway, near Bundaberg Queensland on 16th of April, 2012 which is appeal to different audience. The picture shows that a girl swimming in the Great Barrier Reef along with the tropical fish inhabiting the Reef. Also included are the fishing boat lined up in the shore. This shows the imbalance between the natural surroundings of the sea. One side is a girl being at peace with nature, while on the other side, it’s the humans destroying the nature.

The purpose of this article and photo is mainly to highlight the concerns of one person, representing the concerns of the general public who are against the dredging in Gladstone Harbour.
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