Use of Orkut or Facebook

Topics: Social network service, Facebook, MySpace Pages: 4 (1402 words) Published: October 30, 2010
I started with my social networking life with Hi5 in 2005 but did not find it much useful. Few days later I got several invitations from my friends for Orkut, I deleted few but the high frequency made me to look into it. The concept single account for gmail and orkut was the reason to have an orkut account back in 2005.

Initially it was really exciting and checked the orkut account as email, and also had scrap and friend requests alerts set. Whenever someone used to scrap, send a friend request or approves it I used to get an alert. It was really fun meeting all old friends in one place after a long time. And also made friends from different parts of the world, specially having more girl friends was an honor. One fine weekend I decided to go for trekking and got off my research lab little early to take rest for next day trekking. I was getting busier with research paper’s deadlines too and this was last chance for me to go out for hiking. After dinner I went room I checked my mail and saw few friends’ requests and scrap alerts. Just opened orkut to accept and read the scraps and go to bed. Unfortunately or fortunately met many old friends and started scraping them and reading them unknowingly it went very late in the night. Next day early in the morning when friends called me, I was not in a position to go with them, too tired and sleepy, just took excuse from them and slept long. In my history I missed my only first breakfast at IIT the next day. After waking up late, I took shower and ate some fruits and went to lab. As soon as open my mail saw a friend request form my B.Tech junior with a scrap. I jumped with happiness and opened orkut again and replied her scrap. It went on again and I missed my lunch. When I came out it was dinner time. I orkuted whole weekend, and missed my social life because of social networking. Next Monday when I looked back at my progress, I felt really bad and sick of orkut. I thought of deleting the account at first, but speared...
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