Use of Nanorobotics in Medicine

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Current Event

My current event is on the use of Nanorobotics in medicine. For years now scientist have been trying to develop Nano-robots to help fight against diseases and viruses. Engineers at Harvard University recently have developed nanobots that are able to fight off cancer. Their inspiration came from researchers at Wyss institute for biologically. This has been a breakthrough in science and in the medical field. They have constructed these tiny robots that will go inside your body, flow through your bloodstream and target cancer cells. This new breakthrough claims to be safer than other treatments because it limits the toxic side effects of other treatments. They’ve used a method called “DNA Origami in which the structure of DNA's complementary chemical base pairs is used to produce different structures.” These nanobots can single out infectious and harmful cells and seek and destroy them. According to the article these nanobots have successfully targeted lymphoma and leukemia cells while leaving healthy cells alone. However they are still working on improving and testing these nanobots. The downside to this breakthrough is that it only has been tested in a petri dish. They’re next steps is to try it on animals before it can be tested on humans. Scientists believe it’s only a matter of years before they will be able to test it on humans. The difficult part is they will have to construct trillions of nanobots in order to be used on animals. In the case of the petri dish, the team needed to use 100 billion of these tiny bots to treat those malignant cells. For now they only hope that one day these nano-scale robots will be able to fight off diseases and destroy cancer cells.

This health article would fall in place in Diseases and technology. I think this is worthy because cancer has no cure as of right now. This seems like it would be an effective and safe way to fight and possibly cure cancer once well tested. This affects my life because I hope...
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