Use of Media by Extremists

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Use of media, including new media, by extremists - Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Christian– to impose their agenda on a nation-state

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Dr. Taimur-ul-Hassan

Introduction and background:
Media has always been a favorite tool for extremists for setting their agenda and imposing their ideologies. They cannot capture the main stream media so in the early ages they use other mediums i.e. publish their own magazines, booklets and pamphlets or use radio frequencies for propagating their agenda. In the recent globalized world where communication and sending one’s message is the easiest and cheapest, internet has become the main tool of extremists. They set their web sites, use social networks and blogs etc. Religious fundamentalism is present in all religions and all parts of the world. The fundamentalists or extremists believe that the religious thoughts and ideologies must be practices exactly they used to be practiced in the old times and they want others to do the same and if others do not agree then the extremists approach says that they should be imposed forcefully. All the religions including Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Christian have fundamentalist groups and they keep on interrupting with their target audience. New media usage:

Violent extremists persuade others to adopt their views. In their messaging to supporters and audiences, extremists use simplistic analysis and offer violent solutions to problems that extent a range of complex social, economic and political issues at both a local and global level. The internet gives power and allows extremists to find others to agree with them. This can lead to mutual support of beliefs and corroboration of a world view that is otherwise hard to sustain. Forums that promote a radical philosophy however, often contain many different ideological strands. Audiences often approach forums in a state of confusion which then clarifies as they incline towards other members and harden their point of view. The religious extremists’ web forums provide anonymity, interactivity, and a lot of information, as well as links between armed extremists and their support bases and among themselves.  Muslim extremists using new media:

Most of the web sites have been blocked or cannot be reached and if the page opens it require certain information to proceed, It was noted that many Al-Qaida web forums are weakening and some have not recovered from take-down actions but many are fully active. Most Al-Qaida web forums are now password-protected, allowing access only to recognized members.

The Muslim extremists using their web sites for promotion of their so called jihad. They motivate the youngsters that if they will fight they will go to the jannat as a reward and will be counted in shohdaa. These web sites include the images of brave men fighting for the islam and then the images show the beautiful journey to jannat.

On the other hand these web sites and forums those are owned by Muslim extremists induce the fundamentalist image of Islam and the shriyat system is stressed upon. Due to this propaganda the young minds which do have much knowledge about the religion and are quite vulnerable get affected on a large scale. The youngsters prone towards religious fundamentalism and quit being a healthy member of society. Because these extremists stress upon a life style which has nothing to do with the material world and all they need is to dedicate one’s self for Islam. Which is not the true essence of this religion.

Jewish extremists using new media:
In other religions the fundamentalist groups also exist. The Jewish extremists also are quite active in this regard. They remain stick to the soft image and they have been building their image as the victim and they say that Palatine never existed the land was the property of Israel since forever. And they are actually fighting to get...
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