Use of Logic

Topics: Logic, Fallacy, Deductive reasoning Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Garrett Phillips
Mr. Watts
Introduction to Philosophy
Essay 2: Use of Logic
Logic plays a big role in our society today. In fact logic has played a big role in the advancement of civilization. There are many forms of logic and many different applications that go along with them. Logic seeks out the truth in statements through deduction and reasoning. Using logic one can test the validity of a statement just by understanding the format and the content of an argument. Logic is considered to be the science of reasoning and is mathematically inspired as it seeks an answer. Logic is not considered scientifically sound unless it is based off true premises. Sense logic is based off form it is safe to say that it is formal science.

Logic is said to have historically originated from the Ancient Greek Philosopher Aristotle. Using the teaching of universal definition from Socrates, Aristotle devised a logical system. “Aristotle holds that a proposition is a complex involving two terms, a subject and a predicate, each of which is represented grammatically with a noun. The logical form of a proposition is determined by its quantity and by it quality.”(King, Peter, and Stewart Shapiro. "THE HISTORY OF LOGIC"). Through investigation of the relationship the two terms shared Aristotle theorized that if in certain form one could determine the validity of an argument. “Logic was further developed and systematized by the Stoics and by the medieval scholastic philosophers. In the late 19th and 20th centuries, logic saw explosive growth, which has continued up to the present.” (Drakos, Nikos, and Ross Moore. "Logic and Mathematics").

Logic is very useful when debating. “If engaged in properly, Philosophical arguments can open minds. It can rid us of ignorance and the evils of blind prejudices” (Falikowski, Anthony F. 128). From studying and understanding logic one can pick apart arguments. Just from the form and content of the argument its validity can be assessed. Not only is...
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