Use of Force

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The Use of Force by William Carlos Williams
In the short story “The Use of Force” by William Carlos Williams, the use of authorial purpose is utilized by the author. The narrator is a doctor who is making a house call to help a very sick young girl. The author tries to justify the use of force in this situation through authorial purpose. The author uses expressive, informative, and persuasive writing techniques in order to address and give a good reason for exerting force over others. He builds a rapport in this story through the members of the sick girl’s family and the doctor himself. He shows many ways that the family and doctor can relate to each other through mutual attention, mutual positivity, and coordination. The thesis that the author is trying to propose is that in some situations, using force is ethical and should not be shameful when trying to help another person. The author uses different writing techniques including authorial purpose to influence the audience that the use of force was necessary and ethical. I will be explaining the authorial purpose used in this story. I will be discussing expressive, informative, and persuasive authoritative purposes as they all apply to the doctor visiting the young child at home. To better understand the authorial purposes used, I will explain what expressive, informative, and persuasive writing techniques are more in detail and I will provide examples throughout the story that show the author William Carlos Williams uses all three writing techniques to express his purpose and intention of this story. Although this short story may show how using force can be devastating to the child in need of medical attention, it is a necessary action to provide the child with the proper medical care. Body

Expressive – presenting feelings
It is important to understand that expressive writing is author-centered. This means that the author will be presenting personal feelings in order to show their intent. The...
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