Use of Food Additives

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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The use of food additives and its impacts on individuals and society... For hundreds of years, ingredients have been added to preserve food and make it tastier. In olden days, salt, sugar, vinegar was added for preservation of meat and fish while, spices and herbs were added to boost its taste. Nowadays, chemical are added to food for five main reasons-To maintain the texture of the food, to add and preserve nutritional value, to reduce the spoilage bacteria and germs cause, to enhance colour, and to improve the taste of the food. Food additives are legally defined as any substances used in the production, processing, treatment, packaging, transportation or storage of food. Direct food additives are substances directly added to food such as propylene glycol alginate is used as a thickening agent in salad dressings and a foam stabilizer in beer. Indirect food additives are substances that come in contact with food due to packaging and storage. Some of the food additives used commonly are -Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is an amino acid that enhances the taste-active compounds in foods such many sauces and marinades. Studies have shown that many people are sensitive to MSG when consumed in large amounts. Artificial colourings such as aspartame, saccharine, and sodium cyclamate are also commonly used. Aspartame is used commonly in diet sodas, and low calorie sachets such as equal and nutralite. Sodium Benzoates used to prevent the growth of microorganisms in fruit juices, and pickles. Artificial colourings such as Blue 1, blue 2, used in beverages. While Red 40 and yellow 5 are used in gelatine desserts, candy and pet food. Although food additives are only legalized if there is a technological need for their use, consumers are not misled, and the additives are not harmful to consumers’ health.  But, in many cases the Food and Drug administration has been seen to not ban which brings the political problem involving food additives into light. In 1982 the FDA declared the...
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