Use of Drugs to Treat Psychological Disorder

Topics: Psychology, Psychiatry, Mental disorder Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: November 19, 2011
The use of drugs to treat psychological disorder is mainly used as a treatment from the biological perspective of psychology. 25% of NHS prescriptions are for mental illness, so it makes sense that they get a little bit more publicity than they usually do.

The four main categories of drugs for psychological 'problems' are: anti-manics, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and anti-psychotics. As the biological approach to psychology goes, if you have a 'problem' it is defined as an 'illness' and therefore can, in most situations, be treated by medication until the individual is 'cured'.

Now, as with any mind-set, there are many strong believers in this approach, but many would disagree. As many of the other approaches highlight, the 'illness' must have underlying cause. The mind is extremely subjective, and when we feel sad, there is usually a reason why. There is a cross-over, as with anything, but the fact still remains - Drugs remove the symptom, not the cause.

No matter how much this is repeated, drug treatment still seems to be the biggest hit in regards to treatment for psychological illness or disorder. Drug treatments have extremely negative effects, and in the long run, I believe, can be worst for an individual.

Take for example Benzodiazepines, the anti-anxiety drug that works by increasing the activity of a brain chemical GABA which tells neurotransmitters to slow down and stop firing, producing a general calming effect in the individual. Seems like a good solution, but then, the other side to such miraculous treatments. Side Effects.

Side effects are among the worst when it comes to BZs, with some coming off the drug claiming it to be worst than coming off the likes of even heroin. The individual may experience tremors, increased anxiety and extreme headaches, which doesn't sound like much, but when you look at some videos posted on-line of such scenarios, this tells us much the opposite. Some take years to fully recover, after doctors...
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