Use of Animals in Sport

Topics: Great Depression, 1930s, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: November 8, 2011
There have been countless protests and bans against so-called “sports” involving animals. So why do we still watch the races and use animals as an excuse to gamble? Interestingly, most current forms of sport involving animals do not intentionally or unintentionally exploit or abuse these animals. Many have found that there is some morality in allowing animals to be used in sport, and it is surprisingly beneficial to both humans and animals.

People claim to care about the animals but they are not always putting themselves in the animals’ position. When animals are being used in sport, they usually enjoy being part of the activity. In an online vote, the majority said that animals should be allowed in sport if they are treated kindly, which they are. Generally, it is accepted that humans have become more civilized in their treatment of animals in sport. We have come from ancient times, when animals were abused for fun, to today, where sometimes they are treated better than the human.

When animals are used in sport, it is beneficial to both the humans and the animals. Animals have the right to compete and become known, or even famous and it is our responsibility to give them the opportunity. During the 1930s there was a horse that no one believed would win a race, but the owner gave the horse a chance and it became Phar Lap, a legend in Australian history. Like many other animals, Phar Lap raced during the depression, and raised hope, excitement and pleasure. Would you really want all this to disappear? If these sports are banned, animals will be denied the opportunity to prove that they have important value.
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