Use Music to Enhance Children

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Music and Children

Music is a natural part of everyone and it is a life time enjoyment. It creates an atmosphere of fun, interaction and excitement. That is why children are naturally drawn to it. Children enjoy music as much as we adults do. I would say that the children do love music than we adults do. Even before the very young children starts to speak, some children will hum the melody of songs they hear around them. They also can be seen nodding their heads or tapping their feet or some sort of response to the noise or music they taken in their ears. Introducing the music to the preschool children:

To begin a group activity in music, our students need to have a commonality with each other and the educators. It is better to start with the same song each time in the group time. It is usually a “hello” song but it could be anything as long as it is simple. So the preschoolers know that a music time is starting and that we educators are in control of what we got to do. Next, we as teachers must assume that the children identify with music in some way as they hear lullabies, learn songs and melodies from television shows etc. So therefore, it is good to start with a familiar song or music. It could be “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” or “The Alphabet Song” (which happens to be the same melody (concepts of music) and you can point that out.). “Baby Bumblebee” song will be fun. We can use “The Wheels on the Bus” or “The Ants Go Marching.” Any song with repetition will be good if the children are new for the music time. Songs with too many words don't work unless if we want to be the soloist. Echo songs such as “Are You Sleeping” also can work well. We can even get creative and change the words in the songs. For example, if it is close to meal time, we could sing “are you hungry?” and have the children suggest their names or their peer’s names. When we change the words such as we can see often so much participation, fun and attraction that the song may never end. Even the quietest or shy child will suggest some ones name as “silly” or ‘’funny’’ ‘’cheeky’’ and we try to have fun with it. (EYLF, Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators 38-44)

We can teach the children our favourite song. Then we can ask the children to sing their special songs. We could see the children make up songs on the spot or sing very “interesting” rock songs that their siblings have taught them or use silly words in their songs. No matter what it is appreciate them while not laughing. To keep them excited get them to dance or move. Dance with them for a very simple dance or just have them tapping or jumping or hopping or clapping in rhythm with a song or sound piece. Some preschoolers might jump up and move around as they hear the music or song. It is good to encourage the rest of the children to join those children and as they finish they will be quiet and ready for the next activity. (EYLF, Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity, Pg 20; Children develop knowledgeable and confident self identities 23) Accommodate some time to include discussing time to talk about music. This can include following: • Different types of music and history of music

Rock and roll, Pop, Jazz, instrumental music, world music, classical music, orchestra.

-Play video or audio clips of these different music and talk to them.

• Singing and reading stories and singing songs with movements to encourage children to engaged in the music.

• Encourage and include children to sing the songs as they like.

Talk to the children about the concepts of music and movements such as rhythm, pitch, tempo, timbre, beat etc.

Actively involve with the children learning those concepts as we practice songs or humming or instrumental play. Show the children by our body languages the differences of the above. Such as nodding or moving our head and tapping with our hands or clapping or tapping our legs according to the changes...
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