Use Marketing Research for Marketing Planning.

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Use marketing research for marketing planning.

The results are from a questionnaire given to 200 customers. The aim was to find out customers opinions on the current range of sandwiches on offer and the standard of service offered.

75% wanted more children’s fillings

82% wanted the shop to be open longer

65% said staffs was unfriendly

50% said the contents of the sandwiches could be fresher

80% said they would prefer more wraps

Brief summary.

Through these results it’s clear to see that there are several issues or situations which a large proportion of the customers would like to be resolved. The main objective would be to aim to please the majority of the customers so it would be wise to target the issues which the majority of the customers pointed out. With these results it’s fairly obvious that the sandwich shop will have a lot of work to do before the customers are completely satisfied with the product and the service provided.

Overview of what needs to be done.

It seems as though most of the customers which responded to the questionnaires would like the shop to be open for a longer period of time, so I feel that since this is the issue with the most concern the sandwich shop should take it into the most consideration and aim for this to be the first change that is made. This could also benefit the owner as if the shop is open for a larger period of time, then the profits will increase accordingly.

The next highest request from the customers is that they would prefer more wraps; this should also be an important concern for the shop owner as if the consumers are unable to find the product that they are looking for within the shop for they will go elsewhere to buy it. This could also have a downside for the shop owner as they will be required to spend more on the ingredients for the wraps.

The next biggest concern should be the children’s fillings. Providing more children’s fillings will be helpful for the shop...
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