Use Cases

Topics: Personal identification number, Cheque, Banking Pages: 4 (1272 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Use Cases
BY: Jessica Figuereo
INST: Ibrahim Elhag
Date: 02/03/2013

Bank customers use ATM's for different services. They withdraw, deposit, check balances, and even transfer money. There is a process that goes with each of these services. To begin the customer inserts their debit into the ATM machine. The ATM then reads the customer card and requests a valid pin number. Once the correct pin number has been entered a list of choices is presented. In order to withdraw money the customer will press the button to withdraw and another screen will ask whether they want to take out money from their checking or savings account. After the customer selects one or the other they will be requested to put in the amount they would like to withdraw, usually in multiples of twenty dollars. The ATM also has a limit on how much a person can take out per day. Most machines are either have a four hundred or five hundred dollar limit. Once the amount is requested the ATM will dispense the money through a different slot and prompt the customer as to whether they want a receipt or not. After the transaction is complete the ATM will ask if the customer would like another transaction. If the customer is done the transaction is closed and a receipt is dispensed. The customer has successfully withdrawn money from the ATM.

This only happens if everything goes well at the ATM. Problems can arise during the withdrawing process. If the ATM cannot read the customer's debit card it can be rejected. This can happen if the customer's card is damaged or the strip cannot be read and the session will be aborted (Bjork, 2004). The ATM will display a screen and print a receipt saying the transaction has been terminated. At the this point the customer must go in, see the teller and make a withdrawal as well as requests a new card. The transaction can also be cancelled if the customer requests a certain amount and there are insufficient funds in the customer's account. All...
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