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Object Oriented Analysis and Design Tutorial – Week 4&5 – Chapter 5 End of Chapter

1. Why is business process modeling important? 2. What is the purpose of a fork node? 3. How do you create use cases? 4. How do you create use case diagrams? 5. Give two examples of the extend associations on a use case diagram. Give two examples for the include association. 6. What is the purpose of an activity diagram?

Your Turn 5-2 Use Cases Look at the activity diagram for the appointment system in Figure 5-2 and the use case that was created in Figure 5-5. Create your own use case based on an activity in the activity diagram or the activity that you created in Your Turn 5-1. Use Figure 5-6 to guide your efforts.

5-3 Use Case Diagram Look at the use-case diagram in Figure 5-10. Consider if a use case were added to maintain patient insurance information. Make assumptions about the details of this use case and add it to the existing use-case diagram in Figure 5-10. The only required change to the existing diagram would be the addition of the new use case. It would be labeled “Maintain Patient Insurance Information” and would be linked to both the “Create New Patient” and “Make Payment Arrangements” use cases using associations.

5-5 Campus Housing Create a set of use cases for the following high-level processes in a housing system run by the campus housing service. The campus housing service helps students find apartments. Apartment owners fill in information forms about the rental units they have available (e.g., location, number of bedrooms, monthly rent), which are then entered into a database. Students can search through this database via the Web to find apartments that meet their needs (e.g., a two-bedroom apartment for $400 or less per month within a half mile of campus). They then contact the apartment owners directly to see the apartment and possibly rent it. Apartment owners call the service to delete their listing when they have rented their apartment(s)....
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