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While achieving a degree in Agricultural Business we study problems that our economy is faced with every day and discus different approaches that the government has taken to resolve these issues at hand. Within the USDA, United States Department of Agriculture, the Animal agriculture is a significant portion of U.S. agriculture. Related research, education and extension activities are continually changing to address new challenges and opportunities brought about by rapidly advancing technologies, evolving consumer demand, and the need to make positive contributions to environmental, human, and animal health. NIFA, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, has animal-related programs which cover beef cattle, dairy cattle, poultry, swine, aquaculture, sheep, goats, and horses. These activities are focused on approaches that are economically sound, socially acceptable, and environmentally advantageous. NIFA animal programs also contain a balance of discipline-based components, including animal reproduction, nutrition, genetics, physiology, environmental stress, product quality, management, health, well-being, and security. I took a strong interest in the field of Animal Well-being within NIFA. Evaluating farm animal well-being is a challenge to the animal food industry and scientific communities. They study how to accurately measure an animal’s state of comfort and well-being in different environmental conditions. They also work to understand how animals react both behaviorally and biologically in stressful situations, such as in transport, or when animals must be restrained, such as during a medical evaluation or treatment. NIFA interacts with scientists, industry, producers, animal welfare organizations, and animal activists in addressing animal well-being issues to enhance the food animal industry by improving farm animal health and overall living, transport and harvest environments. NIFA coordinates solutions to animal health, production, well-being, and...
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