Usatoday Case Study

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USA Today

Presented By: Samer Gamal A.Hamid

Grannett Response to Market Opportunities

In the newspaper industry where traditions were perceived static and controlling the way the newspaper source the information to the readers Grannett has seized the advantage of two growing trends in the reading public, the pace of the TV raised generation demanding short to the point attention, and the growing demand for more information. At that time the information available is much more than the readers time to absorb and digest this information, this would raise a demand for a newspaper that would provide more news and stories about more subjects and topics in less time.

On other hand researches showed Grannett that current segments captured by Wall Street targeting business leaders and New York Today targeting thinker and policy makers, which open an opportunity in front of USA Today to target achievement – oriented men in professionals and managerial positions who were heavy newspaper reader and travel frequently, as this segment was not targeted by any other newspaper.

After deep analysis to the market involve target segment and foreseen opportunity, Grannett had filled the gap in the market by a media source considered a unique newspaper written in short sentences with compressed stories to the point, using casual writing style, and on other hand prints color photos, graphs and charts, this was totally new to the newspaper market, USA Today differentiated itself from any other newspaper exists in the USA.

Grannett has seized a gap in the newspaper market, as no media source was considered a national newspaper written in short sentences with compressed stories to the point, using casual writing style, and on other hand prints color photos, graphs and charts.

USA Today was totally different starting from the paper that was laid out for ease accessibility, and extensive use of brief to comprehend reader in compressed time, USA Today had all what the TV generation is looking for sports news, movie reviews, colorful graphics, and short stories without jumping to another page. follows the older sister

After a decade USA Today was the most widely read newspaper in USA, although most of another newspapers were facing decline in their circulations USA Today continued to grow, how ever the increase in the print and distribution cost started seriously impact the profitability.

USA Today had issued some weekly and quarterly issues which help to sustain the newspaper position, but it had to keep the innovation gap between competition wide by introducing the following the older sister trend and look. Online version had a live up to the moment news in the same appealing, colorful, and briefed manner.

With 24/7 availability Grannett had to invest in the in order to maintain its image and focus on what “America is talking about”, it purchased shares in company to categories the aggregated news in to topics to make the reader access them quickly and efficiently, capitalizing on the success of USA Today, the online version issued an archiving feature that help in maintain the profitability on healthy levels even played the social media interconnect role by connecting like-minded individuals, post readers writes associate with the newspaper professional writers. was one of the first to noticed the emerging trend of the electronic devices by having an online application for free through apple’s App store .

Being the sole source of information’s for its reader and visitors was the big target of, it had up to date travel database access for thousands of airports, hundreds of air carriers and hundred thousand of flights.

Marketing Innovation

Innovation was the main marketing strategy of USA Today since inception and Gannett knew how to apply innovation into the marketing mix pillars. Starting with the product USA Today had to shift...
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