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Topics: Usability, Software testing, Educational technology Pages: 29 (6535 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Bookshelf Editor Manual: Usability Report
Author: Muhammad Nadeem
Version: 1.1
Date: January 27, 2013
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  1. Brief Executive Summary 

Bookshelf Editor 1.1 is a software program used to design a bookshelf containing books. Such books can be linked to local or external web pages. The bookshelf system can be exported into a format which can be viewed in a browser or in an XML editor. In order to enhance best possible usage of this application and to ensure full achievement for its users, it was considered very important to create a user manual that is efficient, effective and user friendly. The manual development process followed an interactive sequence in which the methodology it was written, tested, and revised. The manual was primarily designed and written using XML. This first draft was submitted for expert review. Following, a usability test was conducted on this first draft of the manual. This document presented how the usability test was carried out and its outcomes. Towards the end of the document improvements were suggested from the expert review and the usability test. The expert-review was conducted by an in-house technical writer who is vastly experienced in writing and editing manuals. Though on the whole a satisfactory result was obtained, some further improvements were suggested. Graphics needed to be altered further and a few of the instructions and some of the layouts needed to be formatted and written in further detail. The usability study was carried out to check whether the manual met the beginner-user's needs, expectations and understandability. Five volunteering testers were chosen in order to test this manual. The overall feedback on all the sections of the manual was very positive. The average ease-of-use rating of the manual was 2.5 out of 6 (where 1 was the best rank possible).  All five testers first used the Table of Contents to look up for the instructions, following the index to find the Table of Contents. The users found the manual rather flowing and easy to understand and follow. add related-linksadd topic

  2. Introduction 

Bookshelf Editor 1.1 allows users to create a virtual library of their favorite books. Users can design a bookshelf by adding shelves, books, and spaces. They can customize the width and change the alignment of a shelf. Users can also add a book to a shelf and assign a title and a URL to it. They can select the size and color of a book, and move a book leftwards or rightwards, depending on the space available. Once the bookshelf is designed, users can export the code and use the bookshelf in one of two ways. They can view the bookshelf using a browser or else they can edit the code using an XML editor. add related-links

  2.1 Product Description 

The Technical Writing team was given the task to create an online user-manual for Bookshelf Editor. The main objectives of the manual were: * informing users of the application's capabilities
* helping users understand the software program
* providing step-by-step instructions for carrying out tasks using the application The manual project was initiated with the Research Phase where the application was thoroughly studied. Next, an audience analysis was carried out in which the user-profiles were defined and a task analysis was carried out. After that, there was the Design Phase where the first draft of the manual was written using Altova XMLSpy editor. It was submitted for expert review within the Technical Writing Department. During this stage the project was in the Verification Phase. add related-linksadd topic

  2.2 Test Objectives 

Testing the manual was a key step in the manual's development cycle. This Usability Testing was done in order to identify issues with the manual so to improve the usability and the user’s experience of the manual. The usability test objectives were:

1. using the manual to successfully look up for information pertaining to each task in the...
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