Usage of Internet Access to the Academic Performance of Students in Pup

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  • Published : August 3, 2010
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In her book of “Education on the Internet", Jill H. Ellsworth proclaims that the Internet is a powerful releaser of emotion, motivation, and engagement for students. A way to communicate around the world, it can make any project more dynamic, and more interesting. Both teachers and students can be invigorated by the freshness and immediacy of the Net. The Internet is a good resource, but until there are books and other needed resources the Internet is a frill. Access to up-to-date information from around the world may assist in a lesson but Barrett L. Mosbacker expresses concerns when the Net takes on "a messianic quality". If we encourage students to become addicted to continuously get bits of information from it, free of context and logical coherence, they will be ill-equipped for the rational dialog and analysis required for citizens in a civil and literate culture. Modern technology cannot substitute for a thorough reading of the great classics in literature, philosophy, and political history. Being technologically advanced and sophisticated is not the same thing as being literate and civilized. The quality of information on the Internet should not be taken at face value. Information is not "true" simply because it is on the Net. Educators can utilize the Internet to teach how to evaluate information, judge what is credible and what is false. There are several positive and negative impacts of the Internet on education. It helps education in that when someone is curious about something, they can find out some information to feed that "Learning Hunger" immediately.

Background of the Study
The purpose of this research is to know the Impact of Internet Usage to the Student’s Academic Performance. Universities may take effective measures and encouraged students to teach how to evaluate information, to judge what is credible and what is false.

Framework of the Study
Impact of Internet Usage...
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