Usa vs Microsoft

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Krystal Allen
USA vs. Microsoft

The case of United Sates vs. Microsoft was brought up because of the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 which prevents companies from monopolizing a given market. They argued that Microsoft monopolized the operating systems and internet browser sales on Intel- based personal computer at the time. Because they bundled this two things together they made it hard for other competitors to compete against them in this market. The government felt that in the long run everyone would stop trying to compete with Microsoft and that would be the only choses we could make on operating systems and web browsers. Microsoft had a different stand point on how their product was an innovation. Rather than an attempt to monopolize the operating system and web browsing sales on all the Intel- based personal computers around the world.

The United Sates antitrust laws were put in place to protect the people’s right to choses and not make it so one company has all the power. If the government fells that one company has too much power over certain industry or area of one they will step in. in the case of Microsoft vs. the United States, the United states felt the Microsoft had way too much power when it came to Intel based personal computers. In 2000 Microsoft was ordered to split the company into two different companies because having both the operating system and the web browsing system together was making it so that other companies didn’t have a fair chance of competing against them. This ruling was overturned in the D.C circuit court. They were ruled to share their interface with third party companies. They also have limitations on exclusive agreement. Microsoft made agreement is other companies before the case was filed against them making windows soft wear the only soft wear that could go on certain computers. They have a ban on Retaliation which meant that they cannot target companies that make soft wears that are compatible with other operating...
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