Usa Patriot Act

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  • Published : May 15, 2011
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Since September 11, 2001 the USA Patriot act was put into law, with very few congress reviews and debates. This act was put into place just 43 days after the terrorist attack. The US Patriot act stands for “(Uniting and Strengthening America” (Fritscher, 2007).In order to do so the most suitable tools for this would have to be required to seize and hinder the act of terrorism. The US Patriot is divided into ten sections that are called “titles”, these titles contains many sections so that the proper clarity is received for the provisions of each title. The sections and titles are what outline the recent powers that have been provided to the federal government so that they would be able to expedite investigation of terrorist acts (Fritscher, 2007). This outline also investigates the proper checks and balances that are designed to make sure that the power is not abused” (Fritscher, 2007). The provisions of the US Patriot act had been designed due to the 9/11 terrorist attack” (Fritscher, 2007). Fritscher (2007), "[It was believed that bureaucratic red tape prevented vital surveillance activities and information transmissions that could potentially have thwarted the attacks.]”. The most important factor now is to make that if another terrorist attack be attempted or planned; the government will have the power to prevent that attack from happening. Due to the mild review of the US Patriot act many citizens were and some still are against the act because they feel as if their rights as citizens are being taken away from them. This paper will give three advantages and disadvantages of the US Patriot act. Different agencies have a lack of communication with each other when it comes to crime, the Patriot act is good because the steam lines of communication between these agencies can work together to investigate high profile cases or cases such as terrorism. It also comes into play by making sure that there would be easier but less slacking in the investigation and...
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