Usa 1920's Women Changes

Topics: Middle class, Social class, Women's suffrage Pages: 3 (1118 words) Published: May 18, 2013
During the 1920’s there were many significant changes for women but majority of the people didn’t support them. Some changes were labour saving devices going on sale and women got the right to vote. Younger women welcomed and supported the changes and acted out with wild ambitious behaviour and dramatic fashion alterations whereas rural women and immigrants stayed traditional. Many women demanded to stay in the workforce after the war ended.

Women stood their ground and entered the workforce permanently but men didn’t like it. When the men had to go and fight in World War I (1917), the only people left to take over the jobs they left behind were the women. So the women stepped up and took over all different kinds of jobs and when the men returned they didn’t want to give them back. With increasing numbers of women entering the work force, it was more difficult for men to find sufficient jobs to provide for their families which made getting by difficult.

Employers supported women entering the workforce because they could pay women lower wages for doing the same job; Most of the job was done by mechanisation so physical strength was not necessary. It was thought men should be paid more because they are generally the ones providing for their wife and children. Despite the unequal pay, in March 1926 women were holding all different kinds of men’s jobs (Source 1 provided). By 1930 there were over 10 million paid women in employment, this was a 25% increase on 1920. Men still didn’t approve of women taking their jobs away from them; they were against this change.

The biggest and most important change for women during the 1920’s was women being given the right to vote. 1848 was the year the woman’s suffrage movement broke out to fight for women’s right to vote. Previously it was thought that women shouldn’t be given the right to vote because it wasn’t within her intellectual competence to make a reasonable judgement in an election. I believe a majority of...
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