Us101 Appendix J Reliable Sources

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Appendix J

Reliable Sources Worksheet

Locate two sources in the University Library on a topic of your choice. Provide the required information for both sources.

Source 1

Author: Wilson, Wendy Bedwell
Date: March 2012
Title: From Trash to Treasure
Publication: Dog World. 97 Issue 3, p20-21, 2p

Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions:

Is the source reliable? How do you know?

This source is very reliable; this magazine has been around for almost 100 yrs. Dog World is a monthly magazine aimed at the community of serious dog enthusiasts and participants, including breeders; conformation exhibitors; obedience, agility, herding and field trial competitors; veterinarians; groomers; and trainers.

Is the information relevant to the topic?

Yes this story is about a dog rescuer from NJ who picks up dogs from high kill shelters down in West Virginia and brings them back up to be placed in foster homes. On her trip back up she witnessed someone tossing a dog out on the side of the road and leaving it there. Out of curiosity she pulled over where the dog was dropped off to investigate and found a malnourished and injured dog. After 20 minutes they were able to capture the dog and bring it to NJ where its was seen by veterinarians who were able to nurse the dog back to health.

Does the information reflect a bias on the author’s part? If so, what is the bias?

I did not read any bias material within the article, there was no mention of any retribution toward the original owners. This article basically told a story about how a dog’s life was turned around after a person who carries about dogs rescued this dog and now uses it to help rehabilitate other dogs that have been abused.

Source 2

Author: Redwine, Arlo
Date: April 2012
Title: Going the Distance
Publication: Dealernews, Vol. 48 Issue 4, p18-28, 7p

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