Us vs. Hong Kong & China

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US vs. Hong Kong & China

Power Distance Index
The US has a very low power distance index of only 40, the world average being 55. Hong Kong has a power distance substantially higher of 68. China had the highest power distance ranking of 80. I have visited both countries and it is very easy to see that China has the highest power distance.

The US is the most individualistic country in the world. US society has a more individualistic attitude and relatively loose bonds with others. Hong Kong - ranking of 25, second highest for Far East Asian countries. This may be attributed, in part, the long term British (IDV of 89) rule of Hong Kong and the influence of European culture, which has an average Individualism rank of 61. Hong Kong's Individualism ranking indicates a high level of emphasis on a Collectivist society as compared to one of Individualism. China – The Chinese rank lower than any other Asian country in the Individualism (IDV) ranking, at 20. This may be attributed, in part, to the high level of emphasis on a Collectivist society by the Communist rule, as compared to one of Individualism.

US – had a ranking of 62, compared with a world average of 50. This indicates the country experiences a higher degree of gender differentiation of roles. Hong Kong – had a ranking of about 63. China – had the lowest ranking of 50.

Uncertainty Avoidance Index
Us had a ranking of 46, compared to the world average of 64. A low ranking in the Uncertainty Avoidance Dimension is indicative of a society that has fewer rules and does not attempt to control all outcomes and results. Hong Kong – on the other hand has a very low level (25) of Uncertainty Avoidance and is the fourth lowest in the World. The low Uncertainty Avoidance ranking indicates a society that not only tolerates uncertainty and a freedom of opinions, but uses this strength, in the case of Hong Kong, to be a place where many varying cultures and ideas can come together....
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