Us vs Haiti: Teaching Styles

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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More than 85% of U.S. teachers have an education degree. Generally applicants won't be considered without an education degree. This is not case when it comes to what qualifies a person to be a teacher in Haiti. Although the teachers are required to have expertise in the subject they chose to teach, they are not required to have a degree. It is not so much that the teachers are less educated in either country; it’s the teaching styles that greatly contrast. It is almost impossible to get a good education in Haiti. For the poorest children it is very difficult to get any education at all. Only about half of Haiti’s children ever attend school. Most who do never graduate from primary school; and only 38 of every thousand students complete high school. Grade levels are not broken down by age, but rather by the quality of work that students are able to do. Children tend to be more dependent, conforming, and willing to place family welfare over individual wishes. In Haiti the teacher addresses all students by their last names and has total authority over the class. A student speaks only when asked a question. As a sign of respect, Haitian students do not look their teachers in the eye, but keep their heads down in deference. When a student is bad in the U.S. some teachers just send the students to the office or send them outside the room for a timeout. In Haiti, They punish students by making their grade lower. There are no detentions, suspensions or calling parents at home. Hitting students is a common way the teachers punish the students. When they are not listening to teachers, a ruler is used to whack them on the back or on the knuckles. Sometimes they make them stay after school helping to clean the classroom. Students also have a distance from their teachers and the teachers have a kind of reservation with their students. But American teachers are the total opposite. They try to relate to their students. In Haiti, there are no Parent...
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