Us Visa Requirements

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What do I need to bring?
* All the basic requirements for a visa: 1. Interview Appointment Letter; 2. DS 160 Confirmation Copy (please note that it is important that you fully complete this before arriving at the Embassy for yourinterview); 3. Passport; 4. Fee Receipt from BPI; 5. 2x2 Photo (white background only) * Please bring ALL available old passports, not just those with previous U.S. visas. What about supporting documents?

* Passport, visa fee receipt issued by bank and interview appointment letter. * All the documents should be in original supporting your application for the specific visa class. * Photocopy of the Principal Applicant’s valid visa (if applying separately). * Original Marriage Certificate (for spouse) along with your entire wedding photo album (other photographs). * Original Birth Certificate for child

* NBI Clearance
Other Supporting Documents:
For tourist/visitor visas (B1 or B2) the following documents (which must be originals) are usually considered most helpful: a. Demonstrating Financial Ability
* Bank statements or passbooks showing account activity for at least three months prior to your interview * Bank Certifications of Accounts showing current balances * Credit Card Statements going back three months or more

* Income Tax returns from the prior year, including bank receipt of payment and Community Tax Certificate * Business Persons should bring a Department of Trade and Industries certificate and records showing business activity (e.g. invoices, payments, payroll records) * Land Titles

b. Demonstrating Ties
Applicants must be able to demonstrate to the interviewing officer that they have ties - economic, social, or other - that will cause them to return to the Philippines following their visit to the United States. What is meant by "Ties to the Philippines?"

"Ties" are aspects of your life that bind you to your place of residence, including family relationships,...
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