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Supply chain


Part I


SPREADSHEET EXERCISE: IMPROVING SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT You run a company that manufactures aircraft components. You have many competitors who are trying ro offer lower prices and better service ro cus"romers and you are trying ro determine if you can benefit from better supply chain management. At the Laudon Web site for Chapter 2 you can find a spreadsheet file that contains a list of all of the items that your firm has ordered from its suppliers over the past three months. The fields on the spreadsheet file include vendor name, vendor identification number, the purchaser's order number, item identification num­ ber and item description (for each item ordered from the ven­ dor), the cost per item, number of units of the item ordered, the rotal cost of each order, the vendors' accounts payable terms, promised shipping date, promised transit time, and actual arrival date for each order. Prepare a recommendation of how you can use the data in this spreadsheet database to improve your supply chain manage­ ment. You may wish ro look at ways ro identify preferred suppli­ ers or other ways of improving the movement and production of your products. Some criteria you might consider include the supplier's track record for on-time deliveries, suppliers offering the best accounts payable terms, and suppliers offering lower pricing when the same item can be provided by multiple suppli­ ers. Use your spreadsheet software ro prepare reports and, if appropriate, graphs ro s~pport your recommendations.


With a group of three or four other students, select a business using an industrial network for supply chain management. Use the Web, newspapers, journals, and computer or business maga­ zines ro find out more about that organization and its use of

information technology and links ro other organizations. If pos­ sible, use presentation software ro...
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