Us Postal Service

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U.S. Postal Service
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U.S. Postal Service
Key Issues for Discussion

1.Explain how the Voice of the Employee supports improved internal processes (Voice of the Business), and how the Voice of the Business supports customer satisfaction (Voice of the Customer). Ok all of these different areas will effectively work together and support each other. First we will talk about how the Voice of the Employee supports improved internal processes (Voice of the Business). “The ‘Voice of the Employee,’ which focused on providing a safe and secure workplace in response to instances of violence and poor employee relations.” (Evans, 2011, page 403). The voice of business is improving internal processes. Ok the voice of employee will be there making improvements so that it is a safer place to work at. These improvements are a part of the voice of business. The safety issues are an internal process. Now when it came to the safety the USPS looked at OSHA to help with their internal issues. So the USPS making safety changes to their organization directly supports the internal processes which are the voice of business. Ok now we need to look at how the voice of business supports the voice of customer. The voice of customer is customer satisfaction. When the USPS made internal process changes these internal process changes made them more efficient. It made it so the mail would be delivered faster and more accurately. With these changes it made the customers more satisfied. So the voice of business directly supported the voice of customers. Now the organization being able to have a definite way to track if they are doing well would be a definite advantage of the Balances Scorecard approach. You can break your organization down into different areas that you can then track to see how they are improving. The thing about this is that you change the scorecard to fit your own business. This can be a disadvantage because it is hard to see how effective you...
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