Us-Mexico Labour Problems

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1. Introduction
In this paper author would like to explain about the process Globalization during the cooperation between US and Mexico in NAFTA framework. During the cooperation US asked Mexico to provide immigrant labor from Mexico, in term of providing, sending and working of the labor, we found so many labor rights problems that they have to solve seriously. In this article author would like to analyze the development of relationship between US and Mexico, what the indicators of development are related to US-Mexico relationship in Globalization era, the author also would like to define the interdependency Mexico to US in providing the immigrant labor. During Globalization Era, in term of economic cooperation US and Mexico has a close relationship, US is the largest trading partner of Mexico because we can see that the point of accounting shows half of all exports in 2008 and for import’s point show more than half in 2009. In the other hand, based on US economic and foreign policy, Mexico arrived on third position as largest trading partner of US after Canada and China related to data on June 2010. US and Mexico together with Canada have economic cooperation and They have signed the cooperation in 1994 as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The main purposes of the economic cooperation is minimizing barriers to trade and investment, one of the effect during NAFTA cooperation between US and Mexico, based on Foreign direct investment (FDI) into Mexico, in 2008 around 41% from US has been invested to Mexico and stimulated and show that the process of investment has risen steadily since NAFTA and mostly half of investment are in manufacturing and one of largest private company from US in Mexico is Wal-mart which employed many employee in Mexico. Talking about the meaning of Globalization, we have to decide to clarify it, what the meaning of Globalization is. According to this paper we have to analyze about where they come from, what their purpose are, who they are directed by. This is where the complicated things begin. For more than twenty years now we have been argued that there is no alternative to neoliberal globalization, and the reality, they have no choice and alternative that they need from both of them. Some arguments think about the opinioin and suggestion about the meaning of globalization, and one of the system of economic already developed under specific social and historical conditions – is nothing less but a law of nature. In turn, “human nature” is have to get a projection based on the system characteristic in economic subjects: selfish, cruel, avaricious and cold. This, we are told, works towards everyone’s benefit.

2. The Development of US-Mexico Relationship in Globalization Era In this section, author would like to analyze about the development of US-Mexico Relationship during NAFTA’s cooperation. US President Bill Clinton has signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in January 1994 as a trilateral agreement among US, Canada, and Mexico. NAFTA pledges to abolish tariffs over fifteen years and this agreement makes one cooperation as the second-largest trading bloc after the European Union. NAFTA is one of the flat form as new institutional relationships between the United States and Mexico, this relationship concern not only about economic cooperation but also about military training, pollution issues at the border between both of countries, monetary cooperation such as bank central and produce new law for economic cooperation. Based on this cooperation some scholars argue to difficult assess NAFTA's economic impact, however many...
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