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  • Published : April 23, 2007
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Immigration Control: Effect on the United States.
Immigration has become a problem in the United States in the 21st century because of the fear of overpopulation lurking in the near future. During the past decade annual legal immigration statistics show one million people entering the country legally, and roughly one million illegally. Data on illegal immigration cannot be accurately calculated because of the lack of enforcement and control of the United States borders. The efforts to reduce the number of illegal immigrants are not enough as thousands are still crossing every week. America needs to change their immigration control policy because there are many substantial negative effects hurting the country and its citizens.

The events of September 11th changed the way the United States looked at their national security efforts after terrorist actions killed several thousand people in the world trade center buildings by crashing a plane into them. Americans no longer took their safety for granted as they felt the devastation on United States soil. The terrorists were illegal immigrants that had been staying on fake visas. This is why illegal immigration is one of the biggest problems of national security and the cause of this catastrophe was the lack of border enforcement and strategy. "There's a mood for the first time since 9/11 that we have to take a look a this problem rather than just hardening the borders" (Allen). This shows that there needs to be more done than increase border manpower. In the past United States efforts were not directed at border strategy and because of this there are now an estimated ten million illegal immigrants residing in the United States. Every illegal immigrant broke the law by entering the United States against legal procedure and usually have to break other laws to begin their life in the United States. Better border enforcement needs to be carried out to reduce the negative consequences effecting the citizens and wildlife of the United States.

Legal points of entry on the Untied States border are chosen to benefit the border patrol and protect wildlife. As the number of illegal immigrants entering the country continues to rise every year, the points in which they are entering from are being destroyed. Many parts of the border are illegal entry points to protect wildlife that is trying to be preserved in their natural ecosystem. At Coronado Nation Park, Arizona, human footpaths from illegal immigrants are interfering with the natural ecosystem by destroying the land and leaving their waste throughout the park. This point is considered a heavy traffic crossing of illegal immigrants because border patrol agents are not stationed in National Parks leaving the job up to park employees. The immigrants main goal is to make it into the United States and because of this they do not care about the destruction they are doing to public and private property. The lack of border strategy is effecting the preservation of wildlife and health of the environment.

Millions of dollars are spent each year to catch the act of drug smuggling over the United States border. Efforts to control the drug trafficking are a top priority for the government to keep the drugs off the streets "…in six drug-control areas: drug interdiction, anti-money laundering, drug and immigration enforcement, prosecutions, counter-drug support, and counter-drug cooperation with Mexico" (Drug Trafficking…). Although these types of plans are being implemented drug trafficking is a big problem over the borders because the stretch of 6,000 miles is hard to watch with the resources currently used. Many illegal immigrants are carrying drugs destined to make it to the United States black market. Armed "drug trains" are often used to ensure drugs make it across the border as well as single human "mules" who carry pounds of drugs and travel alone. Most of the drugs are run over illegal crossing points rather...
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