Us History: Industrialization

Topics: Telephone, Automobile, Karl Benz Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Period 3
January 14, 2013
Change – Industrialization

America has gone through many changes throughout history. The nineteenth century was the era in which the United States rapidly changed. This time was revolved around trying to improve and create better devices that can be used to help and make life easier. People began to experiment and pursue new ideas that they came up with in their heads. Some succeeded, while other just had to proceed back to the drawing board. However, as a result of multiple experimenting, many inventions have really made a mark in history, especially the automobile and telephone. Before cars were invented, people had to rely to get from one destination to another by foot or animal, and a majority of people traveled by foot. This created a huge inconvenience for those who had to go great distances in order to get to where they needed to be. Karl Benz came up with the idea of an automobile, a device that can be controlled by a person, which will transport them to their destinations without having to walk. This invention benefitted America because it is still around today and people continue to work on cars to try to improve them. Another reason why automobiles also benefitted America is because people could now travel with others and bring along a heavier load with them than they would have been able to on foot. Automobiles really make the world function a whole lot easier. The telephone is another great invention that is still being used today. Before it was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, communication was another challenge America faced. Because communication was so complex, time consuming, and inconvenient, the invention of the telephone really did help improve society and modernize America. By using a telephone, people could now contact just about anyone, anywhere, by pushing a few buttons. In today’s generation, since people are always trying to improve things, telephones have now become portable, called cell phones....
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