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Topics: United States, North America, Sierra Nevada Pages: 2 (294 words) Published: February 22, 2011
1. A distinctively shaped spearhead used by Paleo-Indians to kill big animals that was found in excavations throughout North and Central America and that provides evidence of a shared common ancestry and way of life among nomadic hunters between 11,500 BP and 11,000 BP. Clovis point.

2.A one-thousand-mile-wide region, often called a “land bridge,” that existed between Asian Siberia and American Alaska during most of the last great global cold spell . Beringia

3.An archaeological term referring to the first people and their descendants who migrated into North America about 15,000 years ago . Paleo-Indians

4.Scientific term applied to the last great global cold spell in which the sea level dropped as much as 350 feet below its current level, during the era between 80,000 BP and 10,000 BP. Wisconsin glaciation

5.The Anasazi were part of this group of Indian cultures, which were characterized by creative responses to a dry climate and the need for water conservation. Southwestern peoples

6.The Hopewell mound-building people were part of this cultural group, which had established a large trade network ranging from Wyoming to Florida. Woodland peoples

7.These ancient Americans probably began cultivating corn in response to a dry climate and unpredictable fluctuations in rainfall that made wild plants an unreliable food source. Southwestern peoples

8.These Indians inhabited the region between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada and relied on plants for dietary staples. Great Basin peoples

9.This grouping of Indians relied on fish such as salmon and halibut and fought to protect prime fishing sites. Northwest peoples

10.This was the largest of the Mississippian sites and was located near the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Cahokia
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