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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Do the benefits of progress outweigh its drawbacks?
How has technology impacted the world, for the better or for the worse? * Industrial Revolution
* Advent of Computers
* The age of the automobile
* The telephone
Is it bad that technology is developing at such a fast pace? What is the life of people like in underdeveloped countries? * Personal Experiences
* * Could not find any other research pertaining to this question that would help me in the essay. What is the life of people like in developed countries?

* What types of diseases are associated with technology and development? * (preventing CTS in keyboard workers) * (texting)

Has sociability of kids declined due to extra development?
* Has development affected family morals?
* How has a country like the US been shaped by development over time? * Ties into question #1
* (reliance on oil) * (global warming) What are some improvements that have absolutely no bad effects? * So far, none.

How valid is the phrase, old is gold?
* Unable to find info
What things should be valued when progress is concerned? What should one give up to gain something else? * Unable to find info
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