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Topics: United States, United States Constitution, Slavery in the United States Pages: 19 (4567 words) Published: February 20, 2013
1.President Monroe articulated the Monroe Doctrine in his 1823 address to Congress primarily in order to A.respond positively to the recent Latin American revolutions B.rule out United States involvement in South America

C.provide a rationale for United States intervention in the Isthmus of Panama D.warn European nations against further colonial ventures in the Western Hemisphere E.encourage Britain to help the fledgling Latin American states 2.Which of the following transportation developments opened the West to settlement and trade between 1790 and 1830? A.Turnpikes and canals

B.Railroads and steamships
C.Turnpikes and railroads
D.Clipper ships and turnpikes
E.Canals and railroads
3."Reaganomics," or supply-0side economics, led to which of the following? A.A decline in unemployment and poverty
B.Greater tax revenues than government expenditures
C.Large increases in the incomes of wealthy Americans
D.An increase in appropriations for school lunches
E.Lower military expenditures than during the Carter administration 4.The Compromise of 1850 did which of the following?
A.Admitted Texas to the Union as a slave state.
B.Admitted California to the Union under the principles of popular sovereignty. C.Prohibited slavery in the District of Columbia.
D.Enacted a stringent fugitive slave law.
E.Adjusted the Texas-Mexico boundary.
5.Pinckney's Treaty with Spain is considered a diplomatic highlight of Washington's administration because it A.allowed the United States to use the port of New Orleans
B.ceded Florida to the United States
C.invited Americans to settle in Texas
D.opened Spanish Caribbean ports to American trade
E.withdrew Spain's military forces from the Caribbean
6.Which of the following is true of the case of Marbury v. Madison? A.It established that Congress had the sole right to formulate national legislation. B.It supported Thomas Jefferson in his claim to have "executive review." C.It backed William Marbury in his request for a bank charter. D.It affirmed the principle of judicial review.

E.It determined the Senate's right to "advise and consent."
7.The policy of containment, justified by George Kennan's 1947 analysis of the international situation, called for A.blocking the expansion of the Soviet Union's influence
B.curbing United States foreign investment to limit involvement in world conflict C.liberating Eastern Europe from communism
D.destabilizing the Soviet Union
E.dividing Germany into zones administered by the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union 8.All of the following accurately describe Jefferson's purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France EXCEPT A.It opened the Mississippi River permanently to western farmers. B.It ended the threat of American Indian raids on western settlements. C.It was made possible by the failure of Napoleon's forces to suppress a slave revolt in Haiti. D.It showed Jefferson's considerable flexibility in dealing with foreign policy. E.It violated Jefferson's own views concerning the strict construction of the Constitution. 9.France negotiated a treaty of alliance with the new American nation in 1778 following A.the defeat of the British General Burgoyne at Saratoga

B.American naval victories on the Great Lakes
C.the dispatch of an American peace mission to Britain ultimatum by American diplomats
E.a personal plea by George Washington
10.The most unpopular and least successful of President Thomas Jefferson's policies was his A.advocacy of territorial expansion
B.handling of the Barbary Coast pirates
C.reduction of the size of the military
D.reduction of the national debt
E.adherence to neutrality in dealing with England and France 11.Jacksonian Democracy was distinguished by the belief that aristocracy posed no danger to the Republic
B.the National Republicans alone knew what was right for the people C.political participation by the common man should be increased D.political rights should be granted to women
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